If you want more exposure for your business, event, promotion – just about anything! – we know that we should be posting more on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and sharing articles and information on LinkedIn, but we’re stuck with the eternal question . . . what to post?

Many sites tell us that we should be doing something, but they don’t give us the actual tools to get started. Think of the latest craze in adult coloring books – while anyone can doodle for free, millions prefer to color between the lines, finding it infinitely more relaxing and yet still creatively fulfilling – beginning with an established framework rather than a blank page. Knowing that the finished result will be pleasing to the eye relieves the person of the stress of the creative act – and both enjoyment and beautiful pictures follow.

This site – along with accompanying Facebook page, mailing list and action plans – was developed to give you actual posts, real usable examples, free resources and schedules to manage your social media marketing strategy.